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Win-win Betting System: Does It Exist?

Win-win betting system

Probably each bettor at least once wondered: is there a win-win strategy in betting that able to generate regular and tangible income?

In our today’s article, we’ll try to give an answer to this eternal question, having carried out a comparative analysis of several effective game systems.

General information

As of today, there are three betting strategies in the “Best strategies” section of our site, namely, bookmaker middles, value bets, and surebets.

It is worth noting that they got in this section not by chance because their effectiveness has already been proven by many bettors. But can we say that at least one of them is really a win-win strategy? Let’s work this out.

Bookmaker middles

Bookmaker middles are an effective betting strategy, but not a win-win. In this case, the bookmaker’s margin gets in the way of the player’s earnings.

As we know, bookmakers put a guaranteed profit (margin) in their quotas, because of what the odds for outcomes with equal probability rarely exceed 1.9.

Now let’s figure out on a specific example how this margin may prevent earning money on middles:

B1: TU (210.5) — 1.89 and TO (210.5) — 1.89.
B2: TU (215.5) — 1.92 and TO (215.5) — 1.92.

Front of you odds at two bookmakers on the total number of points in a basketball game. Here we see a “middle” of 5 points between 210.5 and 215.5, and logically place bets (e.g. $100 each) on TO (210.5) at B1 with @1.89 and TU (215.5) at B2 with @1.92.

Further, if the result of the match will be recruited from 211 to 215 points, both our bets win. In the other case, only one bet pays off, and we get either 100*1.89=$189 or 100*1.92=$192.

If the odds on equivalent outcomes were 2.0, then we wouldn’t have lost 8 and 11 dollars respectively. So here the bookmaker’s margin has done the trick and we can’t call middles win-win strategy.

Value bets

It’s another pretty popular betting strategy, the essence of which is the search for overestimated bookmaker odds. That is, the bettor looks for those odds that are higher than the real probability of an event and makes bets on them.

Undoubtedly, this game system is able to bring profit to the player at a long distance. However, we cannot say that this is a win-win betting system. Here bad luck and passion largely prevent the bettors.

It’s really impossible to ensure that 100% of bets on overestimated odds are winning. And it will be extremely difficult to get into profit if a series of unsuccessful bets drags on. This is about bad luck.

But passion can also play a dirty trick with the player. The desire to recoup will push him to make reckless bets, thereby further increasing the likelihood of losing funds.


Finally, let’s look at the strategy of bookmaker arbs. This system stands out against the same middles and value bets, as neither bad luck nor bookmaker’s margin won’t prevent the bettor.

According to this strategy, the bettor makes bets on opposite event outcomes so that he could get at least a small profit at any match result.

Thus, surebets can truly be considered a win-win strategy if we compare it with other game systems. Of course, it has certain risks of losing funds, but they are much less than with other strategies.

Summing up

Based on popular betting strategies, we’ve shown what things prevent most game systems become really win-win.

And the last thing, we recommend looking through our “Betting strategies” section, which presents detailed overviews of above-mentioned game systems and many others.

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