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Triathlon Betting

Triathlon Betting

Bookmakers are not so active in taking bets on triathlon, but it’s still possible to bet on some of the major tournaments (World Cup, Olympics).

What are the possible bets?

Win. The player has the opportunity to bet both a triathlete to win in the whole tournament, and at one of its stages (swimming, cycling and running).

Sometimes bookmakers also offer to guess which country’s athlete will be the best in a particular tournament.

Prize winners. Since usually 2-5 thousand athletes participate in triathlon competitions, bookmakers offer to bet not only on the race winner, but also on triathletes, who enter the TOP 5, TOP 10, and sometimes even the TOP 20.

Who is better. In this case, the bookmaker provides an opportunity to guess which of the two athletes finish the race with a better result. By the way, this bet type is in demand among bettors.

Triathlete’s time. Sometimes bookmakers offer to bet on the worst or best time of passing the race that a particular triathlete shows in the competition.

What is important to consider while betting on triathlon?

At major tournaments, the race distance in the triathlon can be 20 and 40 km. If you analyze the statistics of a particular athlete, it’s very important to pay attention to which stage of the race he is most powerful in.

For instance, if it is a cycling race, the triathlete will have a chance to show a better result at a longer distance of 40 kilometers.

As for the analysis of triathletes rating, it’s important to look not only at the athlete’s current position but also at his past successes.

The fact is that the triathlete could significantly worsen its shape in recent years, for example, due to age, etc. On the contrary, the other athlete has been able to actively progress in past years, which is a very good indicator.

It’s also important to consider the fact that triathletes always perform much better in their home country. And that’s not just ’cause of the fans support but also because they are already familiar with all the local tracks.

Among the negative points, it is possible to note the force majeure situations that may arise during the race. These include a puncture of the wheel, an athlete’s injury or even just bad weather. All these factors can greatly affect the final result.


As we have already mentioned, bookmakers accept bets only on the biggest triathlon tournaments, which are rare enough. Therefore, it is difficult to consider triathlon as the main sport for betting.

If you’re just starting to make sports betting, we advise you to look at more popular sports with available statistics such as football, hockey or tennis.

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