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Bets on tennis matches have always been popular among the bettors, and there are several reasons for that.

First, now many bookmakers offer a great choice of outcomes on tennis matches, which allows each gambler to find the type of bet that will be like. In addition, the bookies are not always able to accurately set the odds at “exotic” markets that give a certain advantage to the bettor.

Second, tennis is a dynamic sport that allows you to pretty effectively work with it in Live mode. Moreover, don’t forget that in tennis matches everything depends not on the team, but on the player (unless we are not talking about doubles). Thus, you can more thoroughly analyze the event and accordingly the chance to make an accurate prediction increases.

As of today, you can find quite many tennis betting strategies on the Internet. And today we’d like to tell you about some of them. In our article, we’re going to discuss such strategies as handicap on the outsider, total under and betting on the favorite.

Handicap on the outsider

This tennis betting strategy, like the rest of our list, is applied to betting in Live mode (in-play). First of all, we need to find a two-set tennis match between the favorite and the outsider, in which the first set goes and the underdog already loses with the score 3:0.

Usually, with such intermediate result, bookmakers often suggest betting on positive handicap of the outsider (+5.5). Considering the fact that one set consists of 6 games (if there is no tie-break) – this bet assumes that the underdog can win at least one game for the entire set.

According to statistics, this outcome of the match is very likely, as the score 6:0 is not so often. For instance, the outsider may take a game because of favorite’s relaxation, who is confident in the final result and can make a mistake.

In addition, sometimes the favorite can “give” the game in order not too much humiliate the rival. And the outsider certainly wouldn’t want to leave the court without a single won game and make every effort to “take” it.

As for odds, with the score 3:0 it can be about 1.6-1.7 on the handicap, and it’s pretty good option for the stake. As you understand, this tennis betting strategy can bring profit when playing at a long distance.

Tennis betting strategy “Total under”

This tennis betting system is applicable for live betting on total games. To work with them, we’ll need the matches of ITF tournaments (intermediate between amateur tournaments and competitions within the ATP/WTA).

Herewith, in this case, we are interested in those meetings where the first set has already ended and, according to its results, more than 10.5 games (11 or more) were played. Statistics is a stubborn thing, and it just shows that if the first set ended with such a high number of games – with 70-80% probability the second set will be played less than 10.5 games.

Accordingly, we need to place a bet at the bookie on TU (10.5), and the odd on this total will generally fluctuate about 1.6-1.8. Certainly, this game system is also designed for a long distance.

Betting on the favorite

It’s pretty simple tennis betting strategy, that doesn’t require any deep knowledge of tennis from the bettor. As you have probably guessed, we are interested in matches between a clear favorite and outsider. They’re so easy to find even by the odds that are set on winning by analysts of this or that bookmaker.

To work with this strategy, we need to choose matches where the odd for favorite’s success is about 1.45-1.65. Next, we just bet on his/her victory and wait for the final result. It’s simple!

The effectiveness of this strategy largely lies in the fact that favorites in tennis are more likely to defeat underdogs than in many other sports. However, sometimes the clear underdogs beat big-name rivals, therefore, the recommended odds range is 1.45-1.65.

The thing is that when betting on lower odds (e.g. 1.2) it will be very difficult or even practically impossible to gain a profit from this game system in the long run.

Bottom line

Today we’ve given you an example of several tennis betting strategies that are quite effective when playing in bookmakers, despite its apparent simplicity.

If you enjoyed this article, and you’d like to see more tennis strategies on our site – write about it in the comments. In case we see the interest of our readers in such materials, we’ll try to publish reviews of existing bet strategies more often.

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