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How to Spot a Scam Sportsbook?

Scam bookmakers: how to spot?

Unfortunately, some bookmakers dishonestly operate and constantly put a spoke in players’ wheel. But how to spot such a fraudulent bookie before registration or at the first stages of work? This is what we’re going to discuss in our today’s article.

#1. Bad reviews on the Internet

Even before going to the bookmaker website, you can collect some information about it by means of bookmaker reviews and customer feedbacks on the Internet.

Of course, such reviews and comments can be custom-made, but if there are a lot of negative reviews and they are found on many sites, it is better to avoid this bookmaker.

#2. Bookmaker has no license

Each bookmaker should operate under the license of a gambling regulator. If a bookmaker does not have one, it is a good reason to doubt its reliability.

In case of problems with a licensed bookmaker, you can always complain to the regulator that issued the license. In a non-licensed bookmaker, you play at your own risk.

#3. No contact with bookmaker

A reputable bookmaker should provide its customers with contacts for feedback. And it’s not only an email address, but also a phone with a bookie address. If these data are not available on the bookmaker’s website, it immediately indicates not in favor of its reliability.

#4. Poor customer service

If the bookmaker’s support service answers letters for weeks or ignores them at all (unfortunately, this also happens), it is better to avoid such a bookmaker.

Imagine that you experience some problems when working with such a bookmaker. In this case, you won’t be able to solve it because of the unsatisfactory work of the support service.

#5. Frequent returns on winning bets

Bookmakers-scammers practice frequent returns on winning bets, arguing their “mistakes in the line” or other far-fetched reasons.

If you got just such a bookmaker, do not wait for the situation to change for the better, it is better to find a replacement. Fortunately, the choice of bookmakers is now more than extensive.

#6. Bonus wagering problems

Often dishonest bookmakers set difficult rules for wagering welcome and other bonuses. This is done in order to then take a commission from the player (if he does not comply with these rules).

Moreover, you should be wary of too fancy bonuses. For instance, sometimes you can find offers like 300% of the first deposit, but this is an obvious deception. It is important to understand that bookmakers aren’t used to throwing money around.

#7. Difficulty of verification

Some bookmakers obviously complicate the account verification process, and it says clearly not in favor of their reliability. For example, fraudulent sportsbooks require the player to send scanned copies of documents by land mail, thereby simply delaying the time.

Usually, such a bookie can be spotted by point #1 – reviews on the Internet. Dissatisfied bookmaker users clearly complain about it, and you would be able to make certain conclusions for yourself.

Bottom line

As you can see, there are a lot of points that will help you to spot a scam sportsbook, you only need to identify and stop using them as soon as possible.

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