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Oscar Grind System

Oscar Grind system in betting

Today we’d like to take a closer look at Oscar Grind system that was previously used for casino games only, and now it is widespread for sports betting as well.

How really to gain profit from this strategy, and what are the advantages over other game systems? The answers to these and other questions you’ll get in this article.

Strategy description

It should be pointed out from the outset that only events with odds of 2.0 or higher are suitable to be successful on this strategy. That’s typical for other casino bet strategies.

Initially, the bettor should determine the nominal value (unit) of a stake, since this is an extremely important point in the game process on this system. Moreover, you need to immediately consider the initial bankroll amount.

The essence of Oscar Grind system is to make a profit at the end of each betting cycle, the duration of which the bettor determines at his/her discretion.

As for the game process, it’s pretty simple. In case of loss, the size of next bet remains at the same level, and in case of win – it increases by one unit.

As you can see, everything is quite simple, and so that you could clearly see it, let’s consider a specific example:

Example of strategy use

Let’s say, our unit stake is 10$, and initial bank will be 100$. Now let’s see what result we can expect at the end of 10 bets circle with @2.0:

1st bet – 10$. Loss. The balance is 90$.
2nd bet – 10$. Loss. The balance is 80$.

3rd bet – 10$. Win. The balance is 90$.

4th bet – 20$. Win. The balance is 110$.

5th bet – 30$. Win. The balance is 140$.

6th bet – 40$. Win. The balance is 180$.

7th bet – 50$. Loss. The balance is 130$.

8th bet – 50$. Loss. The balance is 80$.

9th bet – 50$. Win. The balance is 130$.

10th bet – 60$. Win. The final balance is 190$.

Thus, we managed to gain profit of 90$ from 10 bets with Oscar Grind System. Let’s agree, it’s not too bad:) Now we can either back to the originally selected unit stake (10$) and start again, or slightly increase its size taking into account profits made.

For example, you can raise it to 15$ and continue playing on the above scenario.

Pros and cons of the strategy

Unlike the D’Alembert and Martingale systems already mentioned in our previous articles, this betting strategy is less risky. This is due to the fact that with each loss you don’t increase the stake amount, but leave it at the same level.

In addition, the game on the Oscar Grind system is divided into several cycles and after each of them, the stake unit returns to its initial value (or slightly increases taking into account profits). Therefore, the probability to exceed the stake limits at bookmakers is noticeably reduced.
Among its pros, one can note that it is not as profitable as many other game systems. Moreover, there is a chance to lose a tangible part of your bankroll in the case of protracted series of bad luck.

To sum up

Undoubtedly, Oscar Grind’s strategy can bring you profits in the long run. However, it can’t be called a win-win strategy, as it involves certain risks of losing funds.

In order to make a profit on this game system, you’ll need a thorough analysis of each selected betting event. Also, a bit of luck won’t be superfluous to at least 50% of bets turned out to be winning.

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