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Multiple Accounts at Bookmakers

Multiple betting accounts

In our bookmaker reviews and other articles about betting, we often refer to such a concept as “multi-account”. Since not all beginners are familiar with it, today we’d like to dwell on multiple accounts in more detail.

What is multi-account?

Multiaccounting is the creation of multiple accounts in one sportsbook. You probably have a reasonable question: why the player may need two or more accounts in the same bookmaker?

Perhaps sanctions are the main reason that pushes players to create multiple accounts in the bookmaker. Bookmakers are not fond of arbers and professional bettors and are actively struggling with them, for instance, by reducing the maximum stake amount.

At some point, the bettor may find out that his maximum bet amount was lowered to $1 or even to zero. And if he was fully satisfied with the bookie before and wants to continue to bet there, he will have to resort to multi-account.

Who are the new accounts registered for?

It is clear that the player should not register another account for himself because the bookie will quickly detect and block it. Therefore, bettors frequently register a new account with someone of their relatives or friends.

However, when you re-register in the bookmaker, you need to take into account the fact that bookmakers are fighting with multi-account, and if you are suspected of it, they can immediately block your account even with the funds there.

Moreover, some bookmakers practice “non-standard” verification methods, such as phone calls to the client or even skype-conference. Therefore, if you have registered a new account with someone you know, you will have to explain to them the basics of betting and give information on the account.

And even in the case of regular account verification, the bookie will ask you a copy of documents confirming the identity and address. It is necessary that your friend was ready to provide them.

Some useful tips

If you use multi-account, it is very important that a bookie does not know about it. For these purposes, you need to at least regularly clean your browser, as well as change IP address.

It would be useful to change the OS and device before creating a new account in the bookmaker.

Alternatively, you can use virtual machines (VMS) for multi-account, on which you can install a separate operating system, browser and connect VPN service.

In addition, experienced bettors recommend searching for information on the Internet about the availability of clones at your chosen bookmaker. Perhaps, in that case, you do not have to resort to multi-account.

Clones are bookmakers that use lines of other bookmakers in their work. In other words, the line and odds of a clone may not differ from the original bookie, and you can bet there without any problems.

To sum up

Today we have tried to briefly tell you about multi-account, which is used by many professional bettors.

It should be noted that this article is for informational purposes only, and here each bettor decides for himself whether he should use a multi-accounting.

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