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The method of tank attack

This betting strategy is widely used in the work of bettors, so today we’d like to dwell on it in more detail.

What are the advantages and drawbacks of the tank attack method and how it stands out from the other betting strategies? You will get the answers to these questions reading through the article.

General info

The method of tank attack is a well-known financial strategy, the essence of which is to divide the game bank into several equal parts (tanks) with subsequent betting on each of these parts.

For instance, if the initial bank is $400 – it can be divided into 4 “tanks” at $100 each. Next, you need to determine the goal, i.e. what is the number of steps (bets) should be done on each of these tanks to complete the cycle, or how much you are going to get by the end of this cycle.

This strategy is good because if one part of the bank “burns out”, the game proceeds further and, eventually, the loss of one of the “tanks” can be offset by winning at other stakes.

Once the goal is reached (the cycle is completed), the new bank is divided into the selected number of parts and betting starts again.

Example of the strategy use

Let’s say our initial bank is $400 and we divided it into 4 equal parts. As the goal we have set three steps, as a result of which we need to make a profit. Next, we choose 4 stakes and place them:

The first step

Tank #1. $100 on the outcome with odds of 1.4. The win = $140.
Tank #2. $100 on the outcome with odds of 1.35. The win = $135.
Tank #3. $100 on the outcome with odds of 1.45. The loss = $0.
Tank #4. $100 on the outcome with odds of 1.5. The win = $150.

The second step

Since our tank #3 dropped out of the game – we are already betting on the remaining three parts of the bank, but at the restated amounts of the winnings ($140, $135 and $150).

Tank #1. $140 on the outcome with odds of 1.3. The loss = $0.
Tank #2. $135 on the outcome with odds of 1.4. The win = $189.
Tank #4. $150 on the outcome with odds of 1.35. The win = $202.5.

The third step

Tank #2. $189 on the outcome with odds of 1.35. The win = $255.15.
Tank #4. $202.5 on the outcome with odds of 1.4. The win = $283.5.

So, we made three steps and, accordingly, our game cycle is completed. The total profit is (255.15 + 283.5) = $538,65. Therefore, the net income is (538.65-400) = $138,65.

Advantages and drawbacks

As you can see, this betting strategy can really generate income. However, using the method of tank attack, you should consider some nuances.

Firstly, successful betting on this system requires good passability of bets, therefore the bettor needs to use odds of up to 1.5 and carefully analyze selected events.

Secondly, even with a well-conducted analysis of the upcoming meeting, the result can’t be predicted for 100%. For instance, there may be such cases, when at the first step most of the bets will lose, and then it would be almost impossible to be in the black.

In addition, if we talk about the above example, it shows that 7 out of 9 bets have won for the game cycle (almost 80%). And it doesn’t happen pretty often, even when working with odds up to the aforementioned maximum of 1.5.

Summing up

Today we have examined one of the numerous betting strategies, which is called the method of tank attack. Of course, this game system is not a win-win, but it also has its undeniable advantages.

Anyway, we also recommend that you familiarize yourself with reviews of other betting strategies, which you can find in the appropriate section of our information portal.

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