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Hockey Betting Strategy

In fact, all bookmakers offer their customers a huge variety of bets on hockey. That’s not surprising, as this sport is one of the most popular in the world and thousands of gamblers are betting on it.

As of today, bettors have already been developed many game strategies to improve the efficiency of betting on hockey. Some of them we’d like to discuss in our article.

So, today we’re going to talk about such game systems as draw in the period, effective period and total under.

Draw in the period

To play on this ice hockey betting strategy, we need hockey matches between two roughly equal teams. They can be selected based on statistics available on the Internet or according to the opinion of bookmaker analysts who set quotes on matches.

As we all know, hockey match is divided into three periods of 20 minutes each. So, at the beginning of each period, many bookies offer to place a live bet on the outcome of given period (1-X-2).

In our case, we select and bet on X – draw as a result of the period. The odd for this outcome would be normally about 3.0. If you first stake paid off, you shouldn’t bet on the second period for the same match, because there is a pretty low probability that the outcome will be repeated in this game.

If the bet lost in the first period, then at the beginning of the second we do everything in the same scenario without changing the match. In practice, more than 3-4 consecutive times without draw are very rare, accordingly, the strategy has good potential in the long run.

Hockey betting strategy “Total under”

This ice hockey betting strategy also applies to live events and more suitable for KHL matches (Continental Hockey League). The fact that bookmakers offer main pucks total on 4.5 precisely to KHL games.

The main total is the total value at which the odds on under/over is approximately equal. If for NHL this value is usually equal to 5.5, then for KHL 4.5 is typical.

Under the terms of this strategy, we need to track the first 3-8 minutes of a selected meeting and wait for a quick puck from one of the rivals. As soon as such a puck is scored – the odd on TU 4.5 would rise to 2.2-2.5. Accordingly, we just need to bet on such an attractive offer.

The effectiveness of this hockey betting strategy is explained by the fact that a quick puck in hockey is not a guarantee that the match will include a lot of goals scored. Most likely, the team that missed a puck won’t run immediately to recoup, realizing that the whole game is still ahead.

Effective period

Based on statistics, teams score 2 or more pucks for the period with 80% probability. Sportsbooks usually underestimate the possibility of such an outcome and set relatively high odds on TO 1.5.

As you know, we’re going to bet on this outcome at the beginning of the first period. If the stake paid off – we change the match. If it lost – we place a similar bet, but already at the beginning of the second period. Here it is still worth considering such a moment that according to statistics the first period is usually much more effective than the third.

In addition, for the game on this hockey betting strategy, it is necessary to select more effective Championships (NHL, Canada, Germany, Austria). Matches from such leagues as Finland, Sweden and Latvia should be avoided.

Bottom line

Today we’ve provided an example of three bet strategies on hockey, which in varying degrees are effective for betting. If you’re interested in this article and you’d like to see more strategies at our portal – let us know in the comments to this post.

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