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Flat Betting System

Flat betting system

The flat betting system is a pretty popular, and used by thousands of bettors from all over the world. What caused such interest in this game strategy among the gamblers? We’ll try to figure it out in our today’s article.

What is flat betting strategy?

As of today, the flat is one of base financial betting strategies and it stands out for its relative ease of use.

This strategy is also called “fixed stake amount”, as its essence lies in the fact that you choose a certain stake amount at the beginning of the game, and don’t change it for a long time.

Types of flat betting system

There are several varieties of flat strategy, among which are static, academic, aggressive and chaotic.

If we talk about static flat, usually the stake amount here is equal to 1% of the initial bank. That is, if you have $5000, then you’ll have to bet $50 each time, regardless of whether your bank will increase or decrease.

In the case of academic flat, the amount of each bet can vary from 1 to 3% of the initial bank, depending on your confidence in the positive outcome of the selected event.

This type of the strategy is especially good for those gamblers who are well versed in the championship games of a particular country or some specific sports and can make the most accurate predictions for them. In other words, you can bet 2-3% on events from such a championship or well-known sport, and 1% – on all other events.

If your losing streak drags on – you can always revise the stake amount and set 1% for all competitions. This will save you from unnecessary risk of bank losses.

What concerns aggressive flat betting system, it implies keeping the initial stake size in 2-3% of the bank throughout the game, regardless of the intermediate result. That is, if you are overtaken by a series of losses, you’ll still have to stick to the chosen course and not lower your bet percentage.

There is also a chaotic flat, although it doesn’t quite fit the description of the system. The fact is that sometimes gamblers don’t fully understand the essence of this game strategy and mean under the flat just a fixed percentage of the bank without thinking about what should be the percentage.

Thus, bettors start betting 10-20% of the initial bank, which often leads to loss of funds. Certainly, this type of flat has some efficiency, however, it is the riskiest of all the above.

Pros and cons of the strategy

The main advantage of the flat betting system, especially static and academic, is that this strategy can bring tangible profit in the long run.

In addition, you have much less risk of losing your entire bank than in the case of many other bet strategies.

However, when playing with this system, you should consider a few important points that can affect your income. First, you have to successfully analyze the selected event, because if more than 50% of your predictions are erroneous, you’ll hardly get any profit.

Second, if you start playing with a small bank, you shouldn’t expect to get rich quick. This factor often encourages gamblers to play with higher stakes percentage, but this solution is extremely risky.

Summing up

As you can see, flat betting strategy has a number of advantages because of which it is chosen by thousands of bettors. Another issue is that this system also has its drawbacks, and it’s up to you to decide whether the strategy suits you.

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