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Year by year eSports betting is gaining popularity among bettors, and today we’d like to briefly tell you about this kind of competition.

General info

E-Sports is a competition in the virtual space for a victory in one of the computer games. As of today, thousands of gamblers compete among themselves in rated games such as Counter-Strike, Dota 2, WoW (World of Warcraft) and League of Legends.

It is noteworthy that such tournaments always draw hundreds of thousands of spectators, and organizers spend huge amounts of money on them. For example, the prize fund of the recently held tournament for the game Dota 2 “The International 2017” amounted to more than $20 million.

E-Sports bets

It is clear that bookmakers couldn’t stay aside from such a popular and rapidly growing sports direction. Therefore, in the lines of many bookies began to appear bets on tournaments in eSports.

Basically, bookmakers accept bets on all major international tournaments, including SLTV Starseries, Starladder, Raidcall, The International, etc. However, some bookmakers offer bets on competitions of lower rank as well.

What concerns a variety of outcomes on such events, it is usually pretty weak. This can be explained at least by the fact that conventional bookmakers make more emphasis on “traditional” sports that still enjoy much greater popularity among the bettors.

However, it should be noted that as of today there are already a lot of specialized bookmakers on eSports, which can offer a great choice of betting on this sport. We can include to such bookmakers EGB,, Fanobet, GGbet, etc.

Pros & Cons of eSports betting

One of the main advantages is that bookmaker analysts usually find it more difficult to place quotes in the events of eSports. Accordingly, the gambler has more chances to beat the bookie, if he is well versed in the chosen eSports discipline. However, this naturally applies to more “non-specialized” bookmakers.

Another eSports benefit for bettors is that here team-outsiders win much more often than in other sports. Accordingly, it is quite difficult for bookmakers to predict these victories.

Also among the pros is the fact that players can hold several games in one day, unlike traditional sports. Moreover, some e-sports tournaments are divided into many rounds, and accordingly, bettors have more opportunities for betting.

Among the main drawbacks, we can note the fact that “non-specialized” bookmakers usually set pretty low max stake amount for such events. Therefore, the bettor won’t be able to get tangible profit from bets in case of winning.

In addition, often bookmakers heavily overestimate the margin percentage for eSports events in order to protect themselves from a possible loss as much as possible.


E-sports betting is pretty popular among bettors. However, traditional bookmakers are not encouraging their customers a wide choice of events and great variety of outcomes on the sport.

It is possible that over time the situation will be changed for the better, but for now, bettors have to be satisfied with what they have or use specialized bookmakers for eSports betting.

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