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System 2 of 3 – what is double win strategy?

double win strategy

Today we’d like to talk about one rather popular betting strategy, which is called “2 of 3”.

After reading this article you’ll know about all the advantages and drawbacks of this strategy, as well as the peculiarities of its use in sports betting.

General info

2/3 or double win strategy is fairly easy to implement and it has a good efficiency.

Each step (chain) in this strategy consists of three single bets that need to be made by the bettor. Herewith, the odd for each of the selected outcomes should be at least 1.51. The authors of the strategy don’t indicate the max odd, but we advise to take odds not higher than 2.1.

This recommendation is explained by the fact that with the increase of odds, the probability of success of the selected outcome decreases, and accordingly the gambler will have less chance to win.

When it comes to the stake amount, it should be the same for all three events and equal about 3-5% of the total bankroll. The main condition for getting profit on this strategy is that 2 of 3 selected outcomes should win.

In this case, a bettor is advised to immediately place only two outcomes, not three. If both stakes pay off at once, you’ll reach so-called double win, and the series can be considered closed. Accordingly, there will be no need to place a third bet.

Example of strategy use

Let’s say we have selected three outcomes of different events with the following odds:

O1 – @1.64;

O2 – @1.73;

O3 – @1.87.

Given that our bank is $1000, and the stake for each of the outcomes should be 3% of its total amount – it turns out that for each outcome we can bet $30.

First, we place two bets on the outcomes O1 and O2, and then wait for the final result of the event:

If both bets win – we get a profit (30*1.64 + 30*1.73) = 49.2 + 51.9 = $101.1 and close the series, without placing the third bet.

2. In case stake on O1 wins, and the second one (O2) loses – we make the third bet on O3. If this stake pays off – we get the following situation:

The sum of all bets is $90.

Profit from bets – (1.64*30 + 1.87*30) = 49.2 + 56.1 = $105.3

Net profit – 105.3 – 90 = $15.3

3. If the bet on O1 wins, and the subsequent stakes on O2 and O3 lose, we remain at a loss for: 90 – (1.64*30) = $40.8

As you can see, the double win strategy is quite effective for betting, however it has its own pros and cons, which we’d like to dwell on in more detail.

Advantages and drawbacks of the strategy

One of the main advantages is that not all the outcomes, but only two out of three, should win to make a profit. If only one outcome is to be won, the bettor won’t make a profit, but the losses are not as tangible as they might be in the case of many other strategies.

Moreover, don’t forget that to work with double win strategy, there should be odds not higher than 2.1. Due to this, the chances of success of the selected stakes increase.

Among drawbacks can be noted the fact that in case of a protracted series of unsuccessful bets the gambler may lose a solid part of the bank, which then will be difficult to win back.

However, if the bettor carefully analyzes events and learns to find overvalued odds – the risk of falling under such a series is considerably reduced.

Summing up

The double win strategy is able to bring real income over a long distance, but only in case of a careful analysis of events for betting and, ideally, the ability to find overvalued odds.

Finally, we’d like to point out that the authors of this system recommend combining chains of 3 bets in a series for successful work on the strategy. For instance, 10 chains (30 bets) in one series.

Herewith, individual chains may result to be completely losing, but the total balance of winning bets should be 20 winning at 10 losing ones. According to the developers, it is pretty real to achieve such results with proper analysis of the selected events.

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