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What are betting brokers?

What are betting brokers?

All bettors already know what bookmakers represent and what their basic principles of work. But not everyone is well aware of betting brokers concept, and today we’d like to tell you about it in more detail.

Brief info

Betting broker is a kind of intermediary between bookmakers and bettors. The bookmakers provide the brokers with their betting lines. This data is collected by the broker on its website and allows the player to bet simultaneously in several bookmakers from one account in the system. And it’s really convenient.

The broker’s earnings are the commission from punters’ turnover. It is paid by bookmakers that cooperate with the broker.

Betting brokers pros

As we’ve already mentioned, the possibility to bet simultaneously in several bookmakers from one account is a great advantage when working with a broker.

However, that’s not the only one benefit. Other advantages include:

  • high odds
  • great maximum wagers
  • lack of account limitation and other sanctions

High odds. Since several bookmakers are connected to the broker at once, the punter can choose the best betting odds among all offered.

Furthermore, do not forget the fact that brokers mostly cooperate with Asian bookmakers that offer really good quotas.

Great maximum wagers. This is also a tangible benefit. It is possible to bet on one outcome in several bookmakers with attractive odds, thereby increasing the total bet size.

Lack of account limitation and other sanctions. Betting brokers gain income from the punter’s total turnover and therefore it makes absolutely no sense to limit wagers for bettors.

This point is of great importance for professional bettors who often face various bookmaker sanctions in their work.

Betting brokers cons

Apart from positive aspects, there are some disadvantages. The key ones are:

  • few varieties of sports
  • poor betting selection
  • small choice of payment methods

Few varieties of sports. In most cases, brokers offer their clients to bet only on football or some other popular sport. This is not enough considering that bookmakers ‘ lines usually include 20+ sports.

However, if we take the famous broker Sportmarket, it is one of the few gives the opportunity to bet on an impressive number of sports.

Poor betting selection. It is not the most pleasant point while working with brokers. In many ways, the reason for that is the same Asian bookmakers.

The fact that the Asian bookies (like Pinnacle, Sbobet, etc.) are often of a modest range of bets, especially if we’re talking about live events.

Small choice of payment methods. Brokers usually offer a limited choice of payment methods for deposit/withdrawal. Sure, it’s not a benefit.

In conclusion

As you can see, betting brokers have their undeniable advantages, but not without drawbacks. Therefore, each bettor decides whether they are suitable for him.

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