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Basketball Betting Strategies

Basketball betting strategy

It is logical that the most popular sports are actively used by bettors and basketball is no exception.

Now bookmakers offer a vast selection of betting on this sport so that each gambler can choose the option at his discretion.

The popularity of basketball betting has contributed to a number of gaming strategies. Some of them we’d like to consider in our today’s article.

So, today we’re going to take a closer look at such betting strategies as strong-willed victory, positive handicap and underdog.

Strong-willed victory

Bets on this basketball betting strategy are made in real time (live), as with many other game systems on basketball. To work with the strategy, we choose a match that is almost over (it is somewhere in the middle of the fourth quarter).

Herewith, the gap in points between the teams should be minimal, and the odd for winning one of them is required to be 3-3.5. As you have probably guessed, we’ll bet on the victory of this team.

The effectiveness of this game system is explained by the fact that at the end of the match a reliable outcome is rarely predictable. In addition, the chances to win of both teams are actually equal in case of a minimum gap in points. It should be noted that this basketball betting system can bring tangible benefits only over a long distance.

Positive handicap

For this strategy suited matches in which the team, initially considered a clear favorite with odds above 1.35, loses at the end of the first two quarters.

It’s clear that in most of those meetings the winner is the favorite, but sometimes it happens in reverse. Our task is to bet during the break between the second and the third quarter of the match on a positive handicap of the original favorite.

The thing is that usually at this moment the odd for the outcome is the highest. Optimally, you can choose the odds ranging from 1.82 to 1.95.

The effectiveness of this basketball betting strategy is explained by the fact that there is a big break between the second and third quarters, and the favorite team coach has time to properly correct the actions of his wards.

In most cases, then the losing team starts to catch up and if not go ahead after the match, it reduces the gap to a minimum. Accordingly, the stake on positive handicap of the team has a good chance to be successful.

Basketball betting strategy “Underdog”

Statistics is a stubborn thing, and it says that in games where favorites are denoted by odds 1.5-1.8 – not all quarters end with the victory of these most favorites.

So, for this basketball betting system, we choose one of such matches and bet on a victory of the underdog in each of the quarters. That is, we start to bet from the first quarter, and if it loses, bet on the second quarter, etc. In this case, the odds on the outsider victory should be above 2.0 or even 2.2.

If your stake on one of the quarters has won, change the match and start all over again in another similar meeting.

Summing up

Today we’ve examined several popular basketball bet strategies that are more or less effective in playing at long distance. Is it worth using them in your work? – It’s up to you.
In turn, we’re ready to continue to publish different game strategies and not only for basketball, but it’s important for us to know your opinion. Do you need this type of content?

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